Services: Real Estate

At Armstrong & Armstrong, we assist our clients with all aspects of real estate transactions. Buying and selling real property in New Mexico often requires problem-solving, such as clarifying or creating rights of access, creating road-maintenance and well-sharing agreements, interpreting deed restrictions, researching water rights and various other issues. Even a simple transaction requires well drafted documents, timely produced. We assist both buyers and sellers to negotiate and close transactions for residences, commercial property, vacant land, condominiums, and business asset purchases. We also help both landlords and tenants in negotiating and drafting commercial, agricultural and residential leases.

As litigators, we also provide assistance when the deal goes wrong. We represent clients in actions relating to disputed easements, adverse claims of title, boundary disputes and eminent domain proceedings, as well as lawsuits regarding breach of contract, misrepresentation and failure to disclose information. Although Taos itself is a rapidly growing community, Taos County remains primarily a rural area, bringing us issues regarding livestock and fencing, as well as grazing leases, hunting leases and agricultural leases.