Services: Property Taxation

Armstrong & Armstrong is fully prepared to assist clients with a range of property tax issues, including excessive valuation, unequal valuation, exemptions and other tax benefits, situs, and interstate-commerce matters. During his career, Roy Armstrong has handled over a thousand property tax lawsuits in Texas and New Mexico. The firm handles both trial and appellate litigation and represents property owners in both appeals from orders of valuation and in suits for tax refunds.

In New Mexico, the firm has obtained a favorable settlement with the state on a valuation claim involving a substantial utility property. Armstrong & Armstrong has also prevailed in a substantial-evidence appeal against the Bernalillo County Tax Assessor after being told that the Assessor would not consider negotiating with our client because he had never lost such an appeal.

We also represent builders, owners and design professionals when the ox goes in the ditch. From small residential projects to large commercial and institutional ones, we have the expertise to understand and litigate issues of design, construction, materials and scheduling.