Services: Civil Litigation

Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

When disputes arise, Armstrong & Armstrong represents both plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal court, as well as in mediation and arbitration. Both Roy and Julia Armstrong have over twenty years’ experience in litigation, and Julia Armstrong is also available as a mediator. Since its founding, Armstrong & Armstrong has handled a broad range of cases ranging from contract disputes, construction defects real estate title and easement disputes, to product liability and civil rights violation.

Armstrong & Armstrong's litigation philosophy emphasizes balancing zealous advocacy with cost effectiveness for the client. We believe strongly in the American system of justice, and are proud to appear with our clients in court. While actively pursuing our clients’ rights and defenses, we also recognize that in some cases the client's best interests may be served by settlement. We encourage mediation as an aid to settlement, and offer mediation as well as litigation services. Our goal as litigators is to help our clients find a just and satisfactory resolution of every dispute, whether in or out of court.

Civil Appeals.

In many ways, the appeals process is the heart of our legal system. It is through appeals that errors in the trial process are corrected, existing law interpreted and legal standards refined. Appeals can result in changes in the law, and in new developments in the application of law to new and developing problems. The attorneys at Armstrong & Armstrong have handled civil and administrative appeals in state and federal courts. The firm handles appeals for its own clients, and accepts referrals of appellate cases from other attorneys.